House of Nod Company Reel

Our Job is Imagination


The innovative team at House of Nod prides itself on the ability to come up with the most imaginative work for your brand.

This means that we come prepared with inventive minds to customize a bespoke creative concept for your particular needs. We are highly detail-oriented and strive for the perfect product for each of our clients.

We specialize in Branding, Music Video's, Fashion, Humanitarian Films, Event, Documentary Content and Short & Feature Narrative Film.

100% Raw Natural Cinema


We believe in quality and individuality above all. We work hard to create a hand-tailored visual aesthetic and diligently craft our films using only the highest quality ingredients. Each of our pieces is custom-made to fit our client’s needs, hopes, and wildest dreams.

We are fully equipped to handle every aspect of media service needed, from creative conception through production, post production, and delivery.

House of Nod is 100% Cinema.

We ❤ NYC

Based out of Brooklyn, House of Nod is no stranger to travel. Where ever the job may be our team is ready to pack up and go on location to make some dreams a reality.

Our team has shot internationally in Haiti, China, France, Germany, Jamaica, Québec and Luxembourg. Domestically we have tackled shoots in New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas and of course New York City.

Nowhere is too far, the world is our movie set!