Full Service Creative and Production Wunder-Haus

Our small-batch chocolate is proudly and lovingly made in Pisco, Peru.




13.7135° S, 76.1842° W

House of Nod is a full service creative and production house. This means that we can handle every aspect of the process that is needed.

From custom designing a creative aesthetic for your piece, through branding it so that your mission is best reflected. Our house contains skilled writers, directors, producers, designers, photographers and artists who are tack sharp at their craft and ready to work together with you.

We are fully capable to manifest pre-production, production, post-production, branding and delivery. House of Nod is your single stop for truly specialized cinematic work.

We also specialize in High Speed Cinematography with operators trained and certified in using Vision Research's Phantom High Speed Camera's, for all of your slow motion needs. 


Ethically sourced cacao from farmers in the neighboring Arequipa region allows us to support the local economy.


100% nam non lacus


9 out of 10 in commodo

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